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The Magic Power of The Blue Bean

Posted on: Friday, March 29, 2013

What is the number one treatment for all ailments in our house?  The humble blue jellybean.  The miraculous healing properties of this colour-coated bullet of glucose goodness completely astound me.  From bumped heads to bruised toes, this little gem can take away pain faster than you can say "pass the Detol".  Leo has ingeniously discovered that in order to activate its magic powers, you must first rub it on the injury - vigorously, preferably leaving a bright blue mark - before popping it in your mouth and requesting another one.  Tears are stemmed, laughter returns and equilibrium is restored, all in the blink of an eye.  

If you are planning on using the magic bean treatment remember that only blue jellybeans will work - other colours are for other things.  To save confusion, here is a list as dictated by my son:

Red: when you want to transform into a superhero  
Yellow: feeling sad (1 bean = 1 happy sunbeam)
White: exceptionally good behaviour 
Pink: for girls
Purple: for mamas
Green: for papas
Orange: for colds
Black: for the cat

It has been proven that a little shot of glucose does wonders for shock, so while the placebo effect of the blue bean cannot be denied, the sugar hit will also help calm a distraught child.  So I would highly recommend that you keep a jar of these babies right next to the First Aid kit for fuss-free toddler trauma.

Photography: Angela Steyn


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