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Sleeping Monkey

Posted on: Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My little boy, you are a constant ball of energy, a firecracker exploding into glorious colour every waking minute of each day.  You zip this way and that, darting around my legs with a ferocious lust for discovery and a keen eye on the jellybean jar.  Your grubby, chubby little hands take life by the throat, exhausting every drip of goodness that can be found.  Then, like a daisy at dusk, you close up and collapse into a comatose state of angelic peace.  Oh to be two years old and on the cusp of self-discovery.  Enjoy the journey gorgeous child and I shall continue to sit by your bedside and watch your precious eyelids flutter like butterfly wings against the morning sky.


  1. hihi, this picture is too cute! sunny greetings from cold germany. seems that spring will not come this year :o/


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