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The Little Things Break My Heart

Posted on: Sunday, October 21, 2012

Once upon a time I was told by a doctor wearing a Rolex and a skiing tan that I might never be a Mama... now when I catch sight of my little boy's shoes left lying around the house, or his collection of trucks lined up at the back door, my heart breaks a little wider from the love it is so desperately trying to contain.  These mundane things are pieces of evidence of a life I never dared dream possible.  I would like to thank the angels for putting small, grubby shoes on my chair x


  1. Beautiful photo and beautiful words. The universe is a miraculous thing!

  2. Oh how beautiful is this post Angela!!!! My favorite thing when the babies were small was when I would go and watch them sleeping. I thought my heart would burst into a million pieces from the love I felt for them.
    Thank you for visiting me.


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