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Soul Connection

Thoughts scattered on the wind.  Angel wings and sun-kissed cheeks.  Drawing houses, creating dreams, our souls dancing by the light of the moon.  Hanging washing on the line.  Sticky baby-face kisses while staring out at a pink streaked sky.  Yoga and daily meditation equal peace of mind.  Laughing, singing, skipping in the kitchen around the cat.  Pre-dawn cuddles to welcome a new day.  Working in the still of night.  Searching for shells in the golden sand.  Petals scattered on our pillows. Dreaming, always dreaming.

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We have vowed to live each day in the most creative, authentic and soulful way we can possibly manage so that we continually regenerate our own joy and happiness.  

Our chaotic, beautiful world is full of people we adore and so many beaten up vintage chairs we could open a second-hand store.  We have chosen to live a life of love and by doing so, have fulfilled our dreams.

We hope to encourage others to look within themselves for inspiration and happiness.

Angela & Andre Steyn


Jane said...

Oh Ang. How utterly enthralling. I am captivated. J x

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