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Animal Hides & Mid Century Modern Furniture

Posted on: Friday, July 26, 2013

Like many designers, I love adding an authentic Eames, Bertoia or Thonet chair into my interior schemes for punch, but have you noticed that a lot of Mid Century Modern Classics are very hard (and cold) on the derriere?  I specified eight Tolix chairs for a studio space once only to discover that my clients spent the entire winter sitting on folded blankets!  So what to do about an uncomfy, chilly butt?  Take a leaf out of the northern European rule book of design and drape the chair in an animal hide of course!  I love the juxtaposition of the hard, man made edges of the furniture with the organic, textural feel of the hides.  It immediately turns the chairs into an inviting place to snuggle up and get toasty.


  1. In the ancient time people used to have animal furs,their skins used as chair and table cover as well.
    I also like the the design in which a double Tyre shapes sitting arrangement is looking quite unique and comfortable as well.
    we can try to use small scooter Tyre with adding thick layers of wool or other soft and colorful materiel. it will be a unique design.


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