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Posted on: Monday, May 13, 2013

By next weekend our family will be four.  
A brand new baby will be passed between our arms, held and cherished and butterfly kissed by the gentle light of the autumn sun.  
A little person full of promise and wonder - an old soul to teach us - a sibling to play with - a child to adore.  
Hurry up my angel baby, we are eager to stare in rapture at your sublime, perfect features and feel your tiny beating heart against our own.  
We love you already x

Photography: Angela Steyn


  1. Omg its that soon. So exiting Ang! Am very envious as I am a total clucky duck of late... Wishing you breezy, joyous times. Look forward to your news! Rach xxoooo

  2. Oh Ang, I'm so excited for you! Can't wait. J x


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