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The Long, Fleeting Days

Posted on: Thursday, April 11, 2013

With the passing days of being a Mama I wonder if I will remember all the things about my child that delight my soul and fill my heart to bursting.  The early morning sleepy smiles, the chubby hand absent-mindedly stroking my cheek, the shrieks of joy as he gallops past on the back of my husband, blonde curls bouncing, head bobbing.  The way he struggles valiantly to string words together correctly to form a sentence, his face earnest and furrowed in concentration.  His untainted perception of the world. His love of apple chippies, marshmallows and "teeny" bits of chocolate that he insists on sharing with his Dada.  The make-believe bath time chatter, his love of odd bod toys and bits of scrap paper.  His pride in doing his daily chores like feeding the cat and passing me the bed pillows. Most of all, I wonder if I will recall the exact sound of his laughter that fills our home with the kind of joy that can sustain a soul for eternity.

I am determined to document as much as possible as the years speed by, determined not to let the accumulation of long days bleach my memories of their beauty so they lie like a pile of faded photographs on my psyche.  These precious days are fleeting - one day, too soon from now, he will no longer want to crawl on my lap and press his sticky face against mine for comfort.  Too soon he will have grown up.  Too soon I will have grown old.

Photography: Angela Steyn


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