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How To Be Cool - Tips From a Toddler

Posted on: Saturday, August 11, 2012

Leo's total need, desire and ability to express his individuality inspires me daily.  I wish I could protect this part of his character from future conformity, preserving it in a jar so that I can present it to him on his 21st birthday as the ultimate gift of self-liberation!  He is without a doubt, the coolest person I know.  Here is what I have learned from my son...

1. Always wear a hat - preferably with attitude.
2. Pretending to be someone you're not is fine provided that nobody actually believes you.
3. Don't be afraid to tell people exactly what you want, as loudly as possible, over and over again.
4. Socks should never ever match, unless you are wearing them on your hands.
5. Making people laugh is way more fun than laughing at other people.
6. Always ride your trike like you stole it.
7. Gumboots and nudity go together like chocolate sauce and icecream.
8. You can go far in life by flashing a dimple.
9. Marching down the street, singing at the top of your lungs and waving a big stick is damned good fun!
10. Exist totally, one hundred percent in the moment and life will just take care of itself.

Photo: Angela Steyn


  1. Hope you dont mind me stopping by to introduce myself. I stumbled across this blog today and love it.
    This post in particular made my heart sing.


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